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Product characteristics

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Cew Needle Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of industrial sewing machines enterprises. With the precise positioning of the thick machine market and perfect technology development and integrity services, the company has been rapidly developed and expanded, from the initial unknown small factory, has now become a well-known brand in the industry. The company's production of the series of products, through the baptism of the market, mature day by day, the user's unanimous praise and trust. The growth of the workshop can not be separated from the support and love of new and old customers. We will continue to create products with stable performance and high prices for customers. .. .. .. .. .. ..



Seam advantage

Base on Industry with Honesty and Credit advantage Win Customers by Service


1、Senior R&D and manufacturing power, production of efficient equipment

The machine has the domestic advanced control system and precision, the wide range of application, the fast mechanical transmission rate, the production quality and the efficiency double guarantee. Has a professional and technical research and development team; A well-run employee;

2、Customized sewing machines to save production costs

Core parts standard, strong stability, complete according to sewing data accurate operation,

Savings in production costs of enterprises
Warm service for you

3、Warm service for you

Has a professional service team, 7 * 24 hours a day service, timely solution to customer problems; From product selection design analysis, evaluation to the production of a complete set of equipment services to provide faster customer tracking services

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