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Use computer needle car sewing machine efficiency increase to realize intellectualization

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Use computer needle car sewing machine efficiency increase to realize intellectualization

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A computer sewing machine is a machine that uses two wires to form one or more threads on the stitching material by interlocking the needles with the boring. It interweaves or sutures one or more layers of stitching material.



The computer sewing machine can sew and other fabrics and plastics, paper, handbags, Magic posts, leather, textiles, leather goods, bags, shoes, belts, watch belts, golf rest equipment and other products. The stitches are neat, beautiful, flat and firm, Sewing is fast and easy to use. At the same time, it can enhance the image status of the company, such as customers need to inspect the factory, inspect the management level of the factory production capacity, equipment conditions, etc.. Many product brands now have major accessories customers who specify requirements for the use of needlework lines and patterns. Therefore, owning a computer needle car is also one of the corporate images.

Computer sewing machine efficiency ratio

1, increase production, a production line in the use of computer needle car before and after the comparison, generally can increase production of 30 % to more than 50 %.

2, improve and stabilize the quality of products, computer car is a high-tech precision products, can produce a stable, beautiful, complex various sewing lines, is one of the necessary equipment for high-end sewing products.

3, improve the image of the company.

4, reduce costs, increase income.

5, product specialization, computer prototype can also compile a variety of complex styles, is truly modern automated high-tech products.

6, to reduce the production of workers, companies around the country are currently in the problem of job recruitment, a computer car can usually top the workload of 6 to 10 people, can even be a larger workload of 20 people, greatly reduce the production work.

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