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What is the sewing principle of sewing machine?

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What is the sewing principle of sewing machine?

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What is the sewing principle of sewing machine?



The coil stitching method is very different from ordinary manual sewing. In the simplest manual suture, the seamstress ties a thread to the small eye at the end of the needle, and then passes the needle thread completely through the two fabrics, from one side to the other, and then back to the original side. In this way, the needle drives the thread in and out of the fabric and sutures it together.

When the tip of the needle passes through the fabric, it pulls a small coil on one side and on the other. A device under the fabric will grab this coil and then wrap it around another wire or another coil of the same wire. In the next two sections, we will see exactly how the system works.

The simplest coil suture is chain suture. To sew a chain stitch, the sewing machine will loop the back of the line with the same length of thread. The fabric is located on a metal plate under the needle and is fixed with a pressure foot. At the beginning of each suture, the needle pulls a coil through the fabric. A coil device grabs the coil before the needle pulls out, and the device moves synchronously with the needle.

When the needle passes through the fabric again, the new coil will pass directly through the middle of the previous coil. The device that makes the coil will grab the line again and make a coil around the next coil. In this way, each coil will hold the next coil in place.


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