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What are the advantages of sewing machines compared to conventional ones?

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What are the advantages of sewing machines compared to conventional ones?

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The sewing machine can be used in bags, handbags, shoe factories, clothing factories, etc.. This is known to all, some customers will come to ask it easily? Can you sew a variety of tricks? Can you walk "N, S" and other graphics?

First, high level of automation and intelligence

The sewing machine of the sewing machine can automatically stop the sewing task set after detection and reaction according to the change of conditions in the sewing process. Such as: automatic bar code reading and writing, automatic sewing edge, thick and thin sewing wire tension automatic adjustment, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic lift and pressure foot, human-machine dialogue user programming, sewing process practical tracking, automatic report stop.

Second, the function is more complete, and the function that the traditional sewing machine can not complete can be completed

Example: automatic wire tracking technology, automatic stop pin position, automatic reinforcement seams, automatic shear lines, speed start, function display and other functions.

III. High quality sewing

Since the entire sewing process is controlled by the computer, the sewing machine of the computer sewing machine has no difference in the number of stitches, beautiful sewing lines, and high quality. Computer sewing machines can stop setting up good sewing tasks based on changes in conditions during the sewing process, followed by irregular graphic seams, such as automatic sewing, automatic adjustment of thread tension of thick and thin sewing materials, and computer programming.

Increased use of mechanical parts and components

Since the sewing machine of the sewing machine adopts computer-controlled fragmentation, the original needs of the movement performed by the machinery are replaced by motors, adding a small amount of mechanical parts. Simplify movement and structure.

Study and operate more effortlessly

Due to the high level of automation, learning is more complex, using touchscreen operations. The increasingly animalized design of computer sewing machines can increase the difficulty of operation. You only need to press the "start key" or pedal to stop the task, or even fully stop the task. Traditional sewing machines are more difficult to learn because of their heavy locks.

Widening the scope of use of sewing machines

Computer sewing machines can complicate the difficult tasks of ordinary sewing machines and can use one machine to complete multiple processes and multiple sewing tricks.

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