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What are the details of sewing machine assembly and maintenance requirements?

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What are the details of sewing machine assembly and maintenance requirements?

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After the first assembly or overhaul of a computer sewing machine, the performance of the equipment is greatly affected. The sewing machine with poor quality is equipped with low accuracy, poor performance, loud sound, heavy torque, and short life; On the contrary, some parts that are not very accurate can still be equipped with better performance equipment after careful selection and precise adjustment. In the process of assembly, some links are easily overlooked, which often has a significant impact on the assembly quality and needs attention.

First, we must ensure the cleaning of spare parts

By carefully cleaning and cleaning, ensuring the cleaning of computer sewing machine parts is the basis for ensuring the assembly quality and extending the service life of computer sewing machine. In particular, the shaft sleeve, bearings, oil pumps, and parts containing rotating and swinging accessories should be carefully cleaned. If the various shaft components are not clean when assembled, light will cause the shaft sleeve to heat up over Gaohe's transmitted power moment. In serious cases, it will accelerate wear and tear due to debris, and serious problems such as "bite" will occur.

Procedural operations

All parts of sewing machines that have been surface treated with paint, electroplating, etc. have adhesive surfaces(including holes, grooves, planes and screw holes) for assembly. Therefore, such parts must be subject to technical requirements prior to assembly. The finishing process is performed first, and then the state can be added. If the assembly does not meet the required technical requirements, the computer needle car can not work properly. The incorrect position of parts and mechanisms also affects the performance of the computer needle truck.

How to solve the problem of computer sewing machine repair

There is a certain period of service for computer sewing machines and machinery. At the end of the service period, there are few cases of no damage. Therefore, certain maintenance and repairs are required during this period before they can be used until the end of the mission. As a kind of sewing equipment, the computer needle car can have a high sewing technique and can sew efficiently for a short time. But also can not avoid the fate of maintenance during the use period.

Computer needlework machines, sewing machines, and computers will inevitably have some faults in the process of use. After the failure, it is necessary to find someone to carry out repairs. For some large companies, there are specialized maintenance departments. What we do every day is to inspect the equipment. After discovering the abnormal equipment, we can carry out maintenance in time to provide guarantees for the development of the enterprise and bring certain economic benefits to the enterprise. Especially for some clothing production and processing plants, the use of needles is very much, and there are frequent faults in the use of needles. After the above failures, there is a need for special personnel to carry out repairs. When maintaining a sewing machine for a needle truck, there must be a certain purpose that can not be blindly maintained. This may cause damage to the equipment.

Knowing what kind of trouble computer needle car causes, it will be better to deal with the problem point in a shorter time, so that the computer needle machine machine can produce efficiency and play better performance within a period of time.

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