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What are the advantages of a sewing machine?

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What are the advantages of a sewing machine?

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The main advantage of the sewing machine of the sewing machine is that because of the control of the computer, the requirements of the manufacturing company for the technical workers are reduced a lot, and the most common electromechanical integration of the car -- the so-called electromechanical integration is the application of mechanical technology and electronic technology. One. Computer needle car noise is less. Easy to operate.

The sewing machine of the sewing machine can be set up to create a good working environment for the workers. It will simplify the things that required skilled workers to complete in the past. The automatic cutting of the sewing machine can not only save electricity, but also use the computer sewing machine. Do not cut the thread. Easy to operate, automatic tangent do not cut thread hair.

The use of computer sewing machines by skilled sewing workers can increase the efficiency of work by 30 %, while the automatic cutting function of computer sewing machines can save 25 % of the bottom line and surface lines; The precise wiring of a computer sewing machine also helps to improve the quality of the garment. In this way, sewing workers used a computer needle car sewing machine will no longer want to use ordinary flat cars. Nowadays, due to the difficulty of enterprise recruitment, computer needles have become an important means for factories to attract workers.

More and more clothing business operators realize that in the fierce market competition, must adopt energy-saving and efficient advanced equipment. The main content of the clothing company's renewal equipment is to replace the ordinary flat car with a computer needle in the most used flat seam machine.

Computer sewing machine is electromechanical integration. The computer needle car can automatically perform cutting, paper clip, and lifting foot steps, which can save electricity, improve production efficiency, and improve production environment. At present, the computer needle car also has obvious cost-effective advantages. The price of a computer needle car is about 1/3 lower than that of a foreign brand. As manufacturing capacity continues to improve, the price of computer needles will continue to decline.

Computer sewing machine is its energy-saving and efficient performance and outstanding value for money advantage to adapt to the development of the domestic garment industry, clothing production enterprises are favored, become the main character of the sewing equipment market.

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